Why We Decided to Start a Coworking Space

In an already overly saturated market (especially in Deep Ellum and the Downtown Dallas area), why in Gods name would we think we could do something different than all the other coworking options already out there?

What made us start a coworking space, to begin with?

Like many things in business, Frontier Coworking was born at the intersection of necessity and opportunity.

As the market has softened up and many mid-sized to boutique agencies are leaning down and getting ready for our winter (end of the business cycle), the freelance and startup economy is booming in its wake.

My agency made a decision at the beginning of the year to begin looking at lowering our overhead, as we were not housing as many people as we once were and didn’t need a 5k sq ft office anymore.

While looking at smaller office space for a few months, coworking was an undeniable value. Unfortunately, after reviewing many of the top coworking spaces here in Dallas, it was obvious that what we needed simply wasn’t available. We couldn’t find a mix of meeting & event space in a small batch setting that we wanted.

So we created it. šŸ˜‰

More soon…


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