What Do People Look For in a Meeting Space?

Meeting Space

Running and founding many local meetup groups over the years, finding the right meeting space that is a mix of affordable, the right size and in a location that will facilitate networking opportunities are all factors.

Here in Dallas, Texas, there are tons of meeting space options for everything from small groups to large corporate events available. Pairing up your desired features and accommodations against each venue, you can certainly find an option that fits your needs. Meetup groups commonly have a pretty predictable set of needs that attendees expect.

Those often come down to 5 amenities meetup group organizers need:

  1. Location
  2. Parking
  3. Fast Public Wifi
  4. Projector + Laptop Connectors
  5. Appropriate Seating & Tables/Desks

In addition to those amenities, there are some bonuses that any event or meeting space gets extra credit for:

  1. Catering, Food & Drinks
  2. Wheelchair Accessible 
  3. Spare Laptop/Equipment

Even if the meeting space has all the foundational stuff, that doesn’t mean it will fit the parameters of your event. Some of the areas that I often consider when trying to look for just the right meeting space are:

  • Is The Cost Right For My Budget?
  • Is The Neighborhood Walkable?
  • Is The Venue Location Safe?
  • How Far of a Drive is It For The Majority of My Attendees?
  • Is The Venue Centrally Located in Dallas / Ft Worth?

If the meeting space lines up with all these parameters, it’s not hard to make a decision.

Are you looking for a centrally located event space for a small group, or perhaps a corporate training?


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